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Exclusive Q&A with Director of Franchise Development

“We have the framework and model in place to make you a superhero as long as you’ve got the drive!”
By Ken Kelley,
April 7, 2022
Asked what aspect of her job she arguably likes the most,’s Director of Franchise Development, Daina Hernden, will tell you that it’s the feeling of empowering others to help make the most of their decision to become a franchisee.
“Every single day, I get that feeling. We have the framework and model in place to make you a superhero as long as you’ve got the drive. And love real estate, of course,” she says, noting she speaks with clients in both Canada and the U.S., as well as internationally.
Before assuming her current role, Hernden’s first ties to were, not surprisingly, as a customer that was looking to sell property. As a real estate investor, she knew that every hard-earned penny counted and wasn’t especially interested in paying out a lofty commission to a traditional real estate agent.
“That was how I first learned of and just immediately fell in love with the model and concept behind the company. It was the kind of revelation that made me wonder why everyone wasn’t using them to sell their property.”
She loved the company so much that, after having used them as a client on a number of different occasions, she became a franchisee, eventually becoming one of Canada’s top performers.
In many ways, she’s not only the perfect company advocate in her current role as Franchise Development Manager, she also has the benefit of direct experience to help ensure a new franchisee is successful in their pursuits.
We asked Daina to provide us the Top 5 reasons why you should become a franchisee:
1. is a disruptor: In much the same way that Uber disrupted the taxi industry and Netflix upset Blockbuster, we do business differently from traditional real estate. We’re disrupting the way houses are bought and sold. People tend to stick with the status quo because it’s comfortable and easy, but in much the same way disruptors have been embraced in other industries, they’re learning there’s a smarter way to sell your home that will help keep more money in your pocket.
2. Real estate is sexy: It’s fun and interesting and it seems like you can’t go anywhere where people aren’t talking about some aspect of real estate, whether it’s the development of new homes, land for sale or neighborhoods popping up. Thanks in part to the hype we’ve seen from several television shows making real estate investing and house flipping easier to achieve than ever before, and the subsequent rise of some of those stars to celebrity status, real estate is at the top of everyone’s mind and people want to feel involved in some capacity.
3. The business model is recession proof: Don’t just take our word for it. Franchise Business Review just named as a Top Recession-Proof Franchise for 2022, the rankings for which were based solely on actual franchisee satisfaction and performance. is the best solution no matter what the market dictates. In a hot market where homes sell above asking after just hitting the market, some people might not see the value or need of paying out commissions to an agent who essentially just had to list the house for sale. And in opposite circumstances where they might be looking to sell in a cool market, homeowners will need to find the opportunity for savings and will be the future of real estate.
4. Looking for work-life balance? Look no further: This is a business you can run from your home. There is no storefront required, not a lot of overhead, plus it offers a low entry point.
Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, there has been a significant amount of people looking at options outside of the corporate world. Becoming a franchisee offers the opportunity to own your own business while also affording much-desired flexibility.
5. Evolution is inevitable: wouldn’t be approaching 25 years in business if it stayed stuck in the past. We want the business to evolve and change with the times, and in real estate, those changes can sometimes happen quickly. We need to listen to what consumers want and need in a product, pivot when required and change when it’s for the greater good. One thing is for certain, is always asking “what’s next?”.
When not serving franchise clients internationally, Daina can be found either on water or hiking around Nova Scotia with her sidekick Ellie the golden retriever.
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