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Meet Oakville, ON’s Real Estate Maverick

Unveiling Our Newest Franchisee with Over 20 Years of Expertise

October 10, 2023, a pioneer in reshaping the residential real estate landscape for the past 25 years, proudly announces Christopher Hurst as the newest franchisee in Oakville, Ontario. Leveraging over two decades of traditional real estate agent experience, Mr. Hurst brings a wealth of knowledge to further amplify the disruptive approach of

Check out Christopher Hurst’s video above on the Franchisee Training Program

The essence of’s unique buy/sell model lies in simplicity and empowerment. Sellers are offered a no-fluff approach, enabling them to manage their home sale process independently. This model stands in stark contrast to the traditional real estate paradigm, as sellers pay a flat fee for tailored services, a fraction of the cost associated with percentage-based traditional models.

Mr. Hurst’s decision to join is rooted in a deep connection to Oakville, where he has resided for over 20 years and where his children have grown up. The onboarding process has been characterized by its systematic and professional nature, including intensive in-person training at the Home Office in New Brunswick. boasts a well-trained call center operational throughout the day, catering to the needs of potential buyers. In addition, the platform provides licensed agent services through an established brokerage. This comprehensive support extends to end-to-end agent services, including a significant buyer rebate program.

The future of real estate, as envisioned by, is deeply rooted in their organically pioneered model developed over 25 years. The network offers access to professionals for legal services, appraisals, and mortgage provisions, creating a seamlessly professional and cost-effective real estate offering.

Mr. Hurst expresses his anticipation for the future, stating, “As a new Franchisee for Oakville, I bought into this franchise after over 20 years of traditional real estate agent experience. Focusing on the Oakville market where I have lived for over 20 years and where my children grew up, was a natural next step. The experience so far with the onboarding with PropertyGuys.Com has been very systematic and professional. I was at the Home Office in New Brunswick for in-person intensive training on the aspects of the private home seller marketing process. Thereafter, coming back home to Oakville I have been supported by the experienced team at Home Office.  I look forward to enabling my community in the Oakville region to do business on their terms: buying, selling, and Renting. What a concept!”

While we have sold several fantastic locations in recent months, there are still a few exceptional franchise territories available throughout Canada and the United States.

If you’re considering becoming a part of the world’s largest real estate marketplace, now is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with our team and secure your desired location.

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