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How Big Is The Franchise Opportunity?

Our franchise opportunity is ushering in a whole new era for the real estate industry

The College Investor published an article entitled, “What Do Real Estate Agents Even Do Anymore?” This is an excellent question – and it turns out that the answer is “not that much.”

The publication correctly reports that agents used to be gatekeepers of information, but the Internet has made public so much information that used to be for agents’ eyes only. You don’t need an agent to list a home, show a home, or preside over the sale. Because agents are driven by commissions, it can cause their priorities to be misaligned for their most fundamental job – to be an advocate for their client.

“What I think it really comes down to is justification of value,” College Investor reports. “Let’s take the sale of my home – $1,000,000. Did the agent really earn $50,000 for the work they did (or really, $25,000 because of the split with the buyers’ agent)? Did they do more work for me than when I sold my $200,000 condo and only earned $10,000?” franchise family in front of sold house

This is a great example of just how broken the real estate industry truly is – and it’s why was founded. By removing the commission-based agent model and replacing it with a service-oriented model that charges a flat fee to help a homeowner sell their home on their own, you get a far better experience. has proven over the last 25+ years in business that this business model works, and as our business has grown, we’ve become a truly disruptive force in the real estate industry.

“People are moving away from slow, costly, antiquated systems into systems that are designed for the consumer,” says Walter Melanson, Director of Partnerships. “Did you know that you wanted to rent your house to strangers and put it on a thing called Airbnb? No one knew they wanted to do that. There are endless examples of industries being transformed. We’re doing that to the real estate industry – it’s what consumers want – and we’ve been phenomenally successful as a result.”

A recession-resistant business model

In times of economic uncertainty, people look for ways to save money wherever they can – especially on big items such as selling their house.

Being that agents take up to 5.7% in commission on average, when homeowners learn that they don’t have to pay such a high cost for a SOLD sign, they will look for alternatives – plain and simple.

“Real estate is a wise investment in good and bad economies, which makes a recession-resistant opportunity,” says Ken LeBlanc, CEO and Co-Founder. “We’re far more affordable than the traditional agent model and we provide a far superior service overall. The market is hot right now and many of our franchise owners are busier than ever, but we’ve proven that this business is great during a downturn too. The services we provide make sense to homeowners.”

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