PropertyGuys Franchise Testimonials | Learn More Franchise Testimonials franchise owners open up about what they love about their businesses is home to some of the most passionate entrepreneurs in the franchise industry. Because our model is truly disruptive to the real-estate industry, our franchise owners truly believe that the real-estate industry is broken and that owning a franchise is the best way to fix it.

While our franchise owners come from diverse professional backgrounds and have different skill sets, they all share a commitment to providing exceptional customer service, building relationships in their communities, and growing a business that truly makes a difference.

Here’s what our franchise owners have to say about their businesses:

“My brother and I bought a house to flip together, and when it came time to sell, I couldn’t believe how much the agents wanted for commission. It didn’t make sense to pay those prices and it still doesn’t make sense for any homeowner to pay those prices. When I discovered and learned about how their business model was the exact opposite of a traditional agent model, I was on the phone right away to buy a franchise. In my market, houses sell extremely quickly, and when you look at what agents do, they don’t provide much value. is able to recreate all the services that agents provide, but we do an even better job. It’s more affordable for the homeowner and the margins are great for us. It’s a win-win.”

-Nathan Dautovich, franchise owner

“My husband and I were always interested in real estate, but until we found, we always put this interest on hold. allows us to provide a meaningful service to our community and it’s a business that we can be proud of. People don’t want to pay the massive fees real estate agents charge and they don’t like the cloak and dagger approach that real estate agents take. Buyers want to be able to talk to the homeowners and vice versa. Owning a PropertyGuys business has vastly improved our lifestyles. We own two houses on the river and enjoy a fantastic work/life balance. It’s a great business to own, especially if you’re passionate about helping people.”

-Stephanie Jones, franchise owner

“We’d seen our good friends become really successful with We’d drive through their territory and see their signs everywhere and we knew that they made a great living so we decided that we should do it. The model really made sense. I was an agent for several years; the traditional industry is almost criminal for how much money is taken from homeowners and some agents would sell their own mother’s house because of the commission – I’ve seen it – and it’s not pretty. is far more aligned with the needs of homeowners and this has allowed us to build a great business that’s continued to grow year after year.”

-Andy Britner, franchise owner

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