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Exceeding Expectations: How Our Franchisees Trump the Traditional Model

Redefining Real Estate Success in Unconventional Ways



August 9, 2023

In today’s dynamic real estate landscape, the decision between traditional agents and innovative franchising models such as has taken on heightened significance for both buyers and sellers. While acknowledging the dedication and effort individual agents invest, it’s essential to delve into how the franchising approach, epitomized by, offers a distinctive edge that consistently outpaces many conventional agent practices.

Here are five compelling reasons illuminating how our franchises consistently outshine the traditional agent model:

1. Local Commitment Beyond Interest

A pivotal distinction lies in the local commitment our franchisees bring to the table. With exclusive franchise areas rooted within the communities they reside in, our franchisees are not merely transaction facilitators; they wholeheartedly dedicate themselves to delivering exceptional service throughout the entire real estate journey. Their commitment isn’t just a business matter; it’s closely tied to their local reputation, supporting the quality they deliver.

2. Leveraging Strategic Excellence Through Our Franchise System

While strategy might pose challenges for some, it forms the cornerstone of success for our franchises. Our approach transcends placing a sign on the lawn and hoping for results. Our franchisees, equipped with the core habits of Highly Productive and Accountable Leaders (we’ve even authored a book on this subject), harness innovative marketing techniques, habits, and an in-depth comprehension of local markets. This strategic insight allows them to position properties thoughtfully and precisely attract the right buyers for their sellers.

3. Embracing Growth Through Mistakes

A willingness to embrace mistakes as catalysts for growth has been crucial to’s 25 year evolution. Our franchisees understand that fear of mistakes can stifle progress. In contrast to those who prioritize maintaining a polished image over advancement, our franchisees wholeheartedly accept that mistakes are integral to achieving success. A culture of continuous improvement prevails, wherein learning from missteps leads to honed strategies, enhanced services, and ultimately, greater client satisfaction.

4. Role Models that Make a Difference

The influence of a robust role model cannot be understated in the pursuit of success. While others might struggle to find suitable mentorship, our franchises benefit from a well-established network of experienced individuals who embody’s values of dedication, innovation, and success. This network extends from neighboring franchise owners to the Franchise Advisor Council (PFAC), an enthusiastic home office support team, and veteran franchisees who have been integral to’s evolution for over 15 years. This collective ensures ongoing guidance and inspiration, propelling our franchisees toward excellence.

5. Unwavering Marketing Consistency

In an intensely competitive real estate landscape, running sporadic marketing campaigns falls short. Our franchisees understand that consistent, targeted marketing efforts yield optimal results. Through our franchising model, we ensure that marketing remains a perpetual process, keeping properties in the limelight and attracting a steady stream of potential buyers. Achieving national coverage involves every local franchisee sharing consistent messages and mediums, ensuring a unified and impactful marketing front.

In summary, our unwavering commitment, strategic prowess, growth-oriented mindset, robust mentorship network, and unyielding marketing consistency have firmly established our franchises as leaders in the real estate sector. We’ve crafted a dynamic and innovative approach that consistently outperforms traditional practices. Whether you’re a prospective buyer, seller, or an individual looking to join our franchise network, the choice becomes evident: Embrace the future of real estate with a franchise.


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