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Seizing the Opportunity: Franchisees in the Eye of the Perfect Storm

Bank of Canada’s Overnight Rate Decision Fuels Opportunity in a Price-Sensitive Market

October 26, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of real estate, change is the only constant. However, the next 18 months are shaping up to be a “Perfect Storm for Franchisees” as the Canadian real estate market is poised to shift into a phase where price sensitivity will be the name of the game., the innovative and disruptive player in the real estate industry, is preparing its franchisees coast to coast to navigate this exciting yet challenging landscape.

Ken LeBlanc, the CEO of, couldn’t be more thrilled about the impending market. “Our franchise owners are well-prepared to assist Canadians in avoiding unfair commissions. In this shifting real estate market, the system will offer home sellers and buyers a competitive advantage,” says LeBlanc.

“Our franchise owners are well-prepared to assist Canadians in avoiding unfair commissions”

 – Ken LeBlanc, CEO has been a pioneer in changing the way Canadians buy and sell homes by offering a platform that empowers homeowners to take control of their real estate transactions. This approach has become even more relevant as the real estate market becomes increasingly price-sensitive, and the traditional real estate model, with its high commissions, seems outdated.

Daina Peterson, Franchise Development Manager, shared her enthusiasm for the shifting landscape, stating, “We are witnessing a massive increase in interest from traditional real estate agents looking to establish their very own exclusive franchise opportunity.” This surge in inquiries indicates a growing recognition within the industry of the need to adapt to a more cost-effective and consumer-friendly model. Peterson adds, that the last new franchisee training session of the year is scheduled for next month and already has an impressive amount of interest from traditional agents looking to join the team.

The Bank of Canada’s recent decision to hold its target for the overnight rate at 5% is expected to ease the temptation for Canadian home buyers and sellers to start home shopping once again. This interest rate stability offers a glimmer of hope for those looking to enter the real estate market while maintaining affordability.

For, this development is a key factor in the “Perfect Storm” for franchisees. The system empowers homeowners to sell their properties at a competitive price without the burden of hefty commissions. For buyers, it means access to properties at more reasonable rates. In a price-sensitive market, these advantages could be the difference between a deal and a missed opportunity.

One of the key principles of is transparency. Homeowners who list with are equipped with all the tools they need to accurately price their homes in line with the market. This approach helps sellers attract price-sensitive buyers looking for the best deals without paying exorbitant agent fees.

Furthermore,’s franchisees are local experts who understand their markets intimately, outperforming the average agent by a staggering 25 to 1. With a deep-seated knowledge of their communities and the ever-evolving real estate dynamics, they are well-positioned to help sellers price their properties competitively and guide buyers in making informed decisions. This level of expertise not only provides a substantial advantage but also underscores the pivotal role they play in optimizing value for every client, particularly in a market where every dollar counts.’s franchisees outperform

the average agent by a staggering 25 to 1.

The system, combined with the Bank of Canada’s decision to maintain a 5% overnight rate, is creating an environment in which Canadians can take control of their real estate transactions, ultimately resulting in a more balanced, competitive, and price-sensitive market.

As the next 18 months promise to be a “Perfect Storm for Franchisees,” Canadian home buyers and sellers have the opportunity to make informed decisions, avoid unfair commissions, and transact in a way that suits their financial needs. stands ready to assist in this tr

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