PropertyGuys Signs Multi-Unit Area Representative Agreement for Connecticut - PropertyGuys Signs Multi-Unit Area Representative Agreement for Connecticut

Karen Lavin brings experience and passion to the Future of Real Estate

May 24, 2022 Moncton, New Brunswick

When Karen Lavin was first introduced to the brand, the company’s business model immediately resonated with her.

“I briefly worked in real estate, approximately 20 years ago, and know that, generally speaking, an agent doesn’t work any harder to sell a $600,000 house than they do a home selling for one-third that amount,” she begins.

As the Director of Area Development for Connecticut, Lavin is optimistic others will soon tune in to what she considers to be a great opportunity to own and operate your own business with

“With housing prices exploding everywhere, it shines an even greater light on the real estate industry being ripe for disruption by”

We had the pleasure of chatting with Karen regarding her becoming an Franchise Area Representative for Connecticut and asked her a few questions:

What do you feel makes such a viable business model?
One of the biggest things that sets the model apart from the pack is offering owners an exclusive territory. If you consider a traditional real estate brokerage, there might be 80 to 100 agents in your office alone that you’re competing against, never mind the agents at other firms that are also competing for listings. brings a level of exclusivity to the market that doesn’t exist at the present time.

Is there any service currently available that compares with what has to offer people looking to sell their home?
There are alternatives, but none I would consider to be great. You can hire a discount brokerage, but they don’t spend money marketing the property. They’ll put it up on MLS, and in a market like we’re seeing now, that’s typically all they need to do to sell the property, but you’ll pay out a 3% commission for that. Fast forward six months to one year down the road when we might see this real estate frenzy taper off; when you need to save on commission is when you can least afford to go with a discount brokerage. What I love about is that the entire process and offerings are transparent. You know exactly what you’re getting when you sign on.

We’ve seen several industries need to reinvent or rejig their business models due to disruptors over the last decade so seeing it happening in real estate crystallizes the need for continued evolution. You can’t ever get too comfortable because that’s when you’re at the greatest risk of falling behind.
The very fact is an industry disruptor is what attracted me to the company to begin with. The company provides sellers the same control and services as a traditional agent and you get to keep more money in your pocket. It’s a no brainer kind of situation, as far as I’m concerned.

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To Connect with our Connecticut Area Representative:
Karen Lavin
Director, Area Development
Tel: 203-80404050
[email protected]


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