PropertyGuys Launches Rental Platform Aimed at Improving the Landlord-Tenant Experience - PropertyGuys Launches Rental Platform Aimed at Improving the Landlord-Tenant Experience

The nation’s largest private sale real estate franchise adds strategic partnerships with rhenti to offer rentals to its current stable of services


More than two decades after shaking up the real estate industry by empowering real estate buyers and sellers to keep more of their hard-earned money, the Nation’s Largest Private Sale Real Estate Franchise, is entering the Canadian rental space by partnering with rhenti, the industry-leading rental real estate software platform.

The company’s new rental platform will be available to landlords, property managers, property developers as well as their prospective tenants, resulting in a simplified, and best of all, convenient, process.

“Allowing landlords both big and small to engage with real time data on tenant showings, rental applications, credit scores, employment information, and lease agreements, all in one place, is a game changer,” says’s President and CEO Ken LeBlanc. “And given our track record of having forward thinking franchise owners throughout the nation that focus on providing high-tech and high-touch solutions, we feel that there is no other company in a better position to truly harness this growing rental opportunity”.

It’s widely accepted that the intersection between rentals and the for-sale market are strongly linked, and the company is confident that the addition of rentals through a strategic partnership with rhenti and their existing service mix will allow it to more effectively cater to the housing market’s broader ecosystem.

“Our partnership with is exciting because we get the opportunity to empower their landlords with the tools they need to make the lead-to-lease process easy – so they can focus on finding the right renters for their vacant units. This partnership is a win for both companies, landlords, and renters across Canada.” Adds, Tomas Ronis Founder & CEO of rhenti.

Rentals will not only drive more traffic to the platform but it will also create organic cross promotion opportunities for its evergreen system and exclusive franchise locations.

“Those who rent today are most often the same folks who buy and sell tomorrow,” says Walter Melanson, Co-founder and Director of Partnerships. “To us, buying, selling and renting is all interconnected.’s rental platform will allow landlords to attract more qualified renters while also helping them expose their property to a wider audience. In addition to delivering a robust authentication process for tenants, the service will also help landlords take care of all aspects of the rental process, including a credit check, resulting in a faster lease creation and signed contract.

For a low monthly fee, landlords can find the specific marketing package that most closely suits their needs or they have the option of customizing their approach using the platform’s advanced digital tools. Renters using the service can feel confident knowing the listings have been validated, while the creation of detailed renter profiles will help make the process of renting faster, easier and more transparent than any other service. It will also help prospective renters put their best foot forward in a framework that will include reference submissions, which landlords will understand and appreciate.

Having delivered a superior home-selling experience for more than 20 years, landlords and renters are now able to benefit from the innovative approach that is already known for delivering.

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