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Meet our Texas Area Representative – Adam Gellert

Meet our Team
Adam Gellert
Area Representative for Texas, USA

March 10, 2022

We are pleased to kick off a new series of articles introducing the many people behind the scenes at We’ll highlight members of our home office team, partners, and various franchisees globally.

Today, we are proud to introduce Adam Gellert, Our Area Representative for the State of Texas, USA

Adam has very close ties to the mothership at the “home office” location in Canada, as his business partner and father Ted was born and raised in Canada.

Adam’s background in HR plays an instrumental role in helping him build the required foundation to develop and award franchise units throughout Texas.
We sat down with Adam and asked him a few questions regarding his new role and experience with to date. We’re sure you are going find Adam’s story very engaging, so please enjoy.


How did you first hear about
I was doing some research on some franchise sites and particularly looking for something different in real estate … when I seen a banner ad for

Why did you decide to become an Area Representative?
I was interested in leaving the corporate world to start my own business, and thought franchising was a great way to accelerate my success through partnering with a franchise that had an existing brand and track record. appealed to me specifically because of the focus on real estate and being able to break ground on the concept in a new part of the world for the brand.

What is your main role in regards to developing the area?
My main role is to identify and work with franchise leads and inform them about I get them introduced to the opportunity and screen them in regards to making sure that we are the right fit. Thus, ensuring we have a strong group of franchisees to be successful in Texas.

Tell us about your previous career and experiences. Has that been able to help you in this venture? If so, how?
My background in human resources in the corporate world definitely helped me in understanding the organization structure and roles, but more importantly I can identify with people looking to get out of the rat race of a job to become their own boss.

What are you passionate about (Besides of course)?
I enjoy real estate investing, cryptocurrencies and the Dallas Stars.

What was the biggest challenge in your first year as a Area Representative, and how did you overcome it?
I would say my biggest challenge to date is getting in front of more franchise leads. With the recent pandemic I’ve needed to pivot from the traditional franchise show in order to generate more leads. It’s been a challenge, but I do see a very positive light at the end of the tunnel.

What’s it’s like working with a brand and a home office team that is based in Canada?
One of our partners (Ted) is Canadian so I enjoyed being connected to my Canadian roots and working with a company from Canada, and it’s fun and challenging to sell people in Texas on a Canadian brand/concept. But one thing the brand represents that has no borders is the fact that real needs to change and is leading that change.

Why do you believe someone should become a franchise?
It’s a unique franchise opportunity compared to most offerings out there, it’s not a “me to” type of business. Real estate will always be trending as people always have to buy and sell their house. Have a unique offering in the real estate industry is certainly a competitive advantage for our franchisees.

We hope you have enjoyed ‘Meet our Team’ with Adam Gellert. We would like to thank him for dedicating some of his time to us!

To find out more about the Franchise Opportunity visit our website at: or to connect directly with Adam feel free to email [email protected]

Have a great day!

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