PropertyGuys President and CEO Interviewed on Canada's #1 Podcast for Entrepreneurs 🎙️ - PropertyGuys President and CEO Interviewed on Canada’s #1 Podcast for Entrepreneurs 🎙️

Selflessly sharing his passion with others, Ken LeBlanc challenges the established real estate market with a smile

December 14, 2021

It’s always an honour to appear in any publication or on any program, but it’s not everyday that one gets invited to the nation’s #1 entrepreneurial podcast. Ken LeBlanc, President and CEO of sat with Rivers Corbett, the host of Canada’s Podcast to discuss’s conception, growth and continued success.


Corbett states, “It’s interesting that you [] were able to tap into that niche of sellers that wanted control. You were able to find your market and every entrepreneur needs to do that”.

LeBlanc explains that the benefits of a franchise system are endless, but it requires a lot of logistics when it comes to training. Luckily, has developed a world-class online training program called PGU (Property Guys University), where new franchisees get the ins and outs of what it takes to be a successful franchise owner in the Largest Private Sales Network in the World.

“We take great pride in our brand and in our franchisees. There is no better time than now to join the team and bring The Future of Real Estate to your community!”

You can tune in to the full episode here!

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