PropertyGuys Poised to Revolutionize Canadian Real Estate Market Amidst U.S. Agent Commission Ruling - PropertyGuys Poised to Revolutionize Canadian Real Estate Market Amidst U.S. Agent Commission Ruling Poised to Revolutionize Canadian Real Estate Market Amidst U.S. Agent Commission Ruling

Walter Melanson, Lead Market Analyst, Discusses the Impact on the Canadian Market in Exclusive BNN Bloomberg Interview


November 16, 2023 – In the wake of a significant U.S. ruling on realtor commission structures and their potential implications for Canada,, a leading player in the Canadian real estate market, is gearing up to empower Canadians in avoiding unfair commissions. Walter Melanson, Market Analyst and Director of Partnerships at, confidently asserts that the company and its national network of franchisees are uniquely positioned to aid home buyers and sellers to benefit this transformative shift in the industry.

The recent ruling in the U.S. has sparked discussions about the traditional real estate commission model, prompting a closer examination of the Canadian landscape. Walter Melanson, a key figure at, sees this as a pivotal moment for the industry and an opportunity for Canadians to take control of their real estate transactions.

Mr. Melanson states, “The U.S. ruling has set a precedent that challenges the conventional commission structure. At, we believe Canadians deserve a fair and transparent approach to real estate transactions. Our innovative model empowers sellers to avoid unfair commissions and take charge of their property transactions.”

Echoing this sentiment, Ken LeBlanc, President and CEO of, emphasizes the company’s ongoing commitment to revolutionizing the real estate market in Canada. LeBlanc comments, “We’ve always believed in providing a better alternative for Canadians looking to buy or sell their homes. The U.S. ruling aligns with our vision, and we see this as an opportunity to accelerate our mission of making real estate transactions fair and accessible for all.”

Exclusive BNN Bloomberg Interview:

In an exclusive interview with BNN Bloomberg, available here,’s Walter Melanson delve into the details of the U.S. ruling and shares insights into its potential implications for the Canadian real estate market. The interview provides a deeper understanding of the issue at hand with the traditional model., with its national network of franchisees, aims to disrupt the conventional real estate market by offering a transparent and cost-effective alternative. The company’s unique approach, combined with the insights of their experienced home office team and national network of franchisees positions as a trailblazer in reshaping the future of Canadian real estate.

As the industry continues to evolve, remains committed to providing Canadians with a platform that empowers them to make informed decisions while avoiding potential pitfalls of traditional commission structures. With a focus on transparency, fairness, choice, and accessibility, stands ready to usher in a new era for real estate transactions in Canada.

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