PropertyGuys Offers an Attractive Real Estate Marketplace for Agents - PropertyGuys Offers an Attractive Real Estate Marketplace for Agents

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September 27, 2022 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

By Walter Stacey

When the real estate market changes gears, which it always does, agents naturally watch to see what will happen next. Most wonder how long the current cycle will last and how the changing landscape will affect their future.


With that in mind, most agents agree that change often creates an enormous amount of unlocked opportunity for those who are best prepared to embrace it. If you are an agent ready for change, you should consider joining


Here’s why.  For one thing, substantial change in the way real estate companies deliver services to their customers is inevitable. In fact, industry experts pretty much all agree that a broader shift towards a more consumer-friendly and digitized real estate model is only a question of time.

On that front, represents one the few franchise opportunities within real estate that offers a fresh, new approach that is significantly different than anything else out there.

One of the things that makes so different is that it’s not a brokerage and it does not itself trade in real estate. Instead, it focuses entirely on providing systems and programs that are designed to deliver a superior end-to-end user experience. Any licensed services delivered over the marketplace is delivered through PG Direct Realty. This unique set up, which also comes with exclusive and protected territories, really helps agents put their arms around the approach which helps them appeal to a much wider, broader, and more savvy audience.

Another part of’s allure lies in the unique way that sellers who advertise over their platform can choose as much or as little help as they need. Among the most popular marketplace programs delivered by agents is helping sellers with pricing, showings, negotiating and assisting with all the required paperwork. And on the buy side of the equation, agents help buyers find their next dream home while allowing them to tap into their powerful commission rebate program which is designed to lower the overall cost of transacting. “Real estate is not only highly competitive, but it’s also a very crowded space. That means that the one-size fits all approach propped up by most brokerages really doesn’t help agents differentiate themselves as much as we do”, exclaims Daina Hernden who is the Director of Franchising for “By helping our customers win, everyone wins”, she adds.

Another interesting part of the approach is how they put the needs of their customers first. In fact, they credit much of their success on how they’ve come to understand the needs of their customers so intimately. That’s not surprising since their approach has already helped over a hundred thousand users so far. Key insights and the experience they’ve gained from this deep level of engagement allows them to continuously innovate their program and service design in a way that truly appeals to their customers. “Having the right offering for our customers is paramount to our success. We strive to continuously ensure that we’re not only meeting the expectations of our users but that we also exceed their expectations”, says Daina. takes customer satisfaction seriously and measures their users’ satisfaction upon entering the platform and upon exiting. “We get excited by the rate in which our users tell us they’d recommend us to their friends and family. That’s our ultimate validation”.

Another key element of the program is their centralized resource centre which helps their locations acquire and retain more customers. “We support our owners and their teams in many different areas of their business including technology, marketing, customer support, prospecting, lead capture and lead nurturing. Our integrated team approach allows agents who participate to do a much higher volume of business”, says Hernden.

Bottom line, if you are an agent who is willing to take the leap, you can gain a unique competitive advantage by joining

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