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Meet our Zee – Eric Normandeau, the King of Northern New Brunswick

Le roi de l’Acadie-Chaleur talks history, marketing and adapting to better service your area

November 9, 2021

Eric Normandeau knows a thing or two about working in a franchise system. He also knows how to adapt to his community and understands the importance of learning the best practices to service his area. Normandeau is in a rare situation when it comes to the model. Working in the only fully bilingual province in Canada means that Normandeau must be prepared to deliver material in both official languages, a majority of which need to be in French.

Normandeau has been an entrepreneur for as long as he can remember. Studying hotel and restaurant management, he has worked and owned restaurants and hotels, which was pivotal for his shift to He explains that, “ is the better way to sell. With the flat fee approach, we can help homeowners sell their own homes and keep their hard-earned cash where it belongs: in their pockets.”

M. Normandeau was not only prepared to serve northern New Brunswick and educate them on the Real Estate Revolution, but he also thought up and employed one of the smartest internet marketing strategies out there: the introduction of Léo the PropertyDog!

“People love to see animals on the internet. Most real estate agents put their faces all over the place. I use Léo!” Normandeau explains. This is just another example of how Normandeau understands his market, and it also ties in to his best piece of advice for new franchisees looking to join the system.

“Know your market. It is important that you build a connection with your community. is like a family, and we want everybody that uses our services to feel that love as well.”

Needless to say, Eric Normandeau has become a successful member of the family, and continues to put up listings and grow every week!

Bravo Eric et bon succès à l’avenir!

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