PropertyGuys’s TOP 10 Predictions for 2022 - PropertyGuys’s TOP 10 Predictions for 2022

The executive team at looked into their crystal ball for 2022 to make these 10 BOLD predictions

December 30, 2021


So, here is a look into the crystal ball and what the executive team of the largest private sale real estate franchise network has to say about the real estate industry for 2022 and beyond. Of course, a little bit of this is self-promoting, but who else knows best about our future than us? 😉

No doubt things will continue to change in the next year, and because of that, we’ll all have to work harder and smarter. We’ll also need to keep in mind that things never come easy in the uber-competitive real estate industry. But our message to our team is “hang with the winners, not the whiners and you’ll do fine”.

Without further ado, here are our predictions for the year to come:

1. Mortgage rates will rise – creating “underwater” transactions.

This is bittersweet for, but historically when homeowners are underwater in terms of their mortgage and are looking for a quick sale, the last thing they can afford to do is work with a traditional full commission agent. Times like this create an opportunity for models like to shine.

2.  iBuyer type programs will soften in a buyer’s market.

As interest rates rise and the market softens, so will the strength of these cash-offer fintech start-ups. However, this will open the door for new and creative investor types for opportunities by mid-2023.

3. will see a record number of new franchise locations in Canada, USA, and South Africa.

As the model continues to evolve, so will the perfect fit in regards to finding the right franchisee. The real estate world has pivoted into a local hyper-competitive mode; proactive franchise owners that focus on building inventory, brand, marketing, and service on a local level will continue to thrive.

4. Technology will continue to evolve the real estate market.

We’ve been saying this for years now, and every year it gets closer and closer until someday we’re all going to wake up and it’ll be here. Mark our words, tomorrow’s real estate customer will be completely comfortable, and in fact demand, that the entire real estate transaction be done online, without ever meeting you. If you’re not open to the online digital self-service world, you will be left behind.

5. Within three years there will be a real estate model that actually PAYS homeowners to list with them.

It’s sampling to the next level. But think about this. What if home sellers guarantee to use our buyer program, our insurance program, our movers, our mortgage brokers, our internet provider, our advertisers, our financial planners … the list can go on and on. We would easily finically benefit from all those sub-services and maybe even enough to pay someone to list with us.

6. The remote worker phenomenon will continue to drive an exodus.

From larger expensive centres to smaller communities where the cost of housing brings the dream of homeownership and a simpler life within reach. To the remote worker, the world is their oyster.

The Atlantic provinces will benefit the most from this phenomenon and as a result, prices across these provinces, especially New Brunswick, which currently sits at the bottom of the pricing index, will increase at a rate similar to 2021.

7. Top franchisees will have an amazing 2022 and take full advantage of the opportunities in front of them.

The key will be focusing on the local market, becoming an expert on everything within your community, growing your team, and building listing inventory at all costs. Remember, those who have the listings, control EVERYTHING!

8. Rentals will soar. Low inventory and higher housing prices will continue to fuel investments within the rental market.

Renting will continue to be an excellent option for buyers who aren’t yet able to purchase in markets that are nearing record-high prices. Renting as a wait-and-see strategy will be popular and may help future purchasers save money while plotting their next move.

9. Canadian house prices will continue to rise.

Accompanied by prediction #6, New Brunswick will see the largest increase in property values as high as 20% in some key markets like Moncton, Fredericton and Saint John.

10. Live in-person real estate conferences and meetings will happen in 2022.

After a number of years on Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams, real estate professionals will crave personal interaction and connection. New relationships and contacts will be forged at the dinner table or at the bar.


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