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Meet’s Massachusetts USA Franchise Area Representative

Karim Kerachni joins the Future of Real Estate 🏠

September 15th, 2022

By Ken Kelly

Today, we are excited to learn more about Karim Kerachni, Area developer in Massachusetts, USA. Karim’s previous experience as an entrepreneur and wide knowledge in sales plays an important role in building a new network of franchises in Massachusetts. We’re sure you are going to find Karim’s story very engaging, please enjoy!


How did you first hear about

Like everyone in Canada I’ve seen signs all over the place but my first intro to was through a friend who wanted to partner with me to purchase a master franchise, back in January 2020. Sounded too good to be true initially, but the more I looked into it the more I got excited about the concept and the opportunity; long story short, 1.5 years later I had gathered a handful of investors and launched the Area Development program in the state of Massachusetts.


Why did you decide to become an Area Representative?

I thought it was an exciting opportunity to have a key involvement in the early stage of something I’m convinced will become massive and take over the continent and the world in the years to come, changing the lives of thousands of franchisees, whom will be helping millions of homeowners saving billions in the process of selling their house: that’s what’s called making an impact in this world!

In addition, I thought the Area Development program was simpler and more focused, with a huge potential of growth; and it required all the skills and experiences I gathered over the years — sales, marketing, networking, creating smooth systems/processes from scratch — so it felt like it was 110% meant to be!

What is your main role in regards to developing the area?

My main role is to promote in Massachusetts, generate interest and leads, qualify those leads and select the best fit for each territory; then provide on-going support as they grow. Besides, as I’m on the ground in the state, virtually & physically, I’m also in the best position to find the key partners (Pros) who will enter the system and be valuable part of the success of each franchisee, so I introduce the top potential Pros to Walter and help him select the best ones.

My personal vision for this venture is to grow the model in all of New England in the 6 years to come, then we’ll see (maybe 10x?).


Tell us about your previous career and experiences. Has that been able to help you in this venture? If so, how?

I’ve been in sales for a decade now, mostly direct B2C sales, including door-to-door for a couple years, which is always a life-changing experience — I highly recommend it to anyone in high school or university specifically — which taught me listening skills, tenacity, communication, control of my mind and emotions, self-motivation.

After moving to Halifax – NS in 2014, I launched my first business, a residential & commercial cleaning company that ended up pretty successful with two dozens employees and hundreds of monthly clients served, and a second branch in Ottawa – ON since 2021; both branches being between the highest rated in their respective provinces. This experience helped me improve those skills I mentioned, and taught me lots of business and organizational skills, from attracting and recruiting talents, creating a good company culture to retain employees, creating processes to offer reliable and consistent excellent service to all our clients, and the art of automating & delegating tasks; and most importantly the beauties of networking!

I mention all those skills I learned overtime because each of them come together like pieces of a puzzle to help me with this current Massachusetts venture, as I based my strategy on a “shotgun approach” — marketing & advertising of all kind to raise brand awareness and generate leads — and the “sniper approach” by growing a strong network in the state and finding this way some hidden talents who would be excellent franchisees or partners.


What are you passionate about (Besides of course)?

I’m big in travelling internationally, exploring locally (mostly nature); gaining knowledge of all kind consistently, including mostly personal development, business, and the various sciences of Islam; playing sports (mostly volleyball, kayaking, tennis); and volunteering in my local mosques and charity organizations.

What was the biggest challenge in your first year as a Master Franchisor, and how did you overcome it?


The biggest challenge has actually been before starting the venture, in raising the necessary capital from investors, in a period of global pandemic, and structuring the corporation; since launch though it has been pretty smooth sailing following the strategy I’ve worked on for over a year. Another challenge however has been the resistance, very much expected, from some local realtors, whom might feel threatened by such a revolutionary concept taking over their market, and not open minded enough to learn more about it and see the amazing opportunity for what it is; but I’m working on it with patience and kindness and persistence.


Why do you believe someone should become a franchise?

It’s an exceptional opportunity to grow a business based on proven methods, systems perfected for over 20 years, award-winning training and support, a real sense of family and exceptional vibes throughout the entirety of the company; but most importantly such a great opportunity to do good for your local community by helping your neighbours and their relatives to save dozens of thousands of dollars which can be used for their next house or the college funds of their kids or fulfilling any of their dreams: how rewarding is that?!


In addition there is a real potential for growth in multiple directions, like owning more than one territory for example, which is very exciting for ambitious entrepreneurs and driven Individuals or couples, of all genders, backgrounds and ages.

Lastly, for having studied many franchise out there, this one genuinely creates a win-win-win scenario: between the clients and the franchisee and the franchisor, literally everyone wins!

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